Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It was already out in yesterday’s (Monday, April 12, 2010’s) newspapers: Ku Leigh telling the whole world that Tuanku Ismail Petra is still not fit to rule our beloved Kelantan. Not that we at the Kelantan Insider are glad about it: We in fact are saddened by that as it is our sincere wish that Tuanku Ismail Petra will be able to recover at the soonest.

We are in total agreement with Ku Leigh that Tuanku Ismail Petra will eventually recover, but, till then, let there be no claim of him already being fit and let there be no effort to ‘prove’ him already being fit: Just let Tuanku Ismail Petra be treated naturally, peacefully and uninterruptedly.

There is little doubt about it and there is little need for anyone to remind him of it: The Regent of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, will, on his own accord, relinquish his post to his beloved father if and when Tuanku Ismail Petra is certified to be fully fit by the respective authorities.

We at the Kelantan Insider would like to use this opportunity to remind every reporter and every editor of all mainstream newspapers to be more responsible in that they should make sure inaccurate news would not be published (unless if they have any hidden agenda of their own). Take, for instance, yesterday’s (Monday, April 12, 2010’s) reports on what Ku Leigh said a day earlier.

Let us first see what the supposedly most reliable news organization in our country had to say about it. Bernama, in its report entitled “Tengku Razaleigh tidak anggap konflik dalam Istana Kelantan”, quoted Ku Leigh as saying: “Ia bukan suatu konflik dalam istana. Jika ada konflik bermakna ada perkara-perkara baru timbul, terserah kepada Tuankulah untuk perbetulkan. Tunggulah dia sihat dulu”.

Then, we move on to Berita Harian, which, in its report entitled “Tengku Razaleigh tidak masuk campur isu istana”, quoted Ku Leigh as saying: “Kalau ada konflik, tentu akan timbul perkara baru dan kalau ada perkara baru, serah pada Tuanku (Sultan Kelantan) apabila baginda sembuh nanti”.

Utusan Malaysia comes next. In its report entitled “Konflik selesai bila Tuanku sembuh”, it wrote: “Timbalan Pengerusi Majlis Perajaan Negeri (MPN), Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, berkata, semua masalah yang timbul kini hanya akan dapat diselesaikan selepas Tuanku Ismail pulih dan kembali berkuasa”. Ku Leigh himself was quoted as saying: “Pemangku Raja perlu serahkan kembali kuasa apabila baginda sembuh dan dapat jalankan tugas sebagai Sultan dan ketua agama Islam. Saya percaya masa itu akan sampai maka Tuanku akan putuskan nanti”.

We next go to the New Straits Times. In its report entitled “Sultan of Kelantan back to power soon”, it wrote: “Gua Musang Member of Parliament, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, is confident that the Sultan of Kelantan, Tuanku Ismail Petra Yahya Petra, will recover from his illness”. It also wrote: “Asked if the Regent would step down if the Sultan recovered, he said it would be decided by the Sultan when the time came.”

Finally, it is the Star. It had as its first page’s highlight “Step down, acting ruler told”. It had as its title “Step down, says Ku Li”. It had as its subtitle “Acting Kelantan Sultan ‘must relinquish post to his father’”. In its report, it wrote: “Acting Kelantan Sultan, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra, should relinquish his post to his father as soon as the Sultan recovered from his ailment, said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah”. It also wrote: “The Gua Musang Member of Parliament, who is a member of the Kelantan royalty, said, when the Sultan recovered and was able to assume his duties, he would decide whether to allow Tengku Muhammad Faris to continue ruling the state in an acting capacity”. Ku Leigh himself was quoted as saying: “I believe the Sultan will recover”.

Go figure out for yourself which are accurate and which are inaccurate reports.

Let us just put aside “Sultan of Kelantan back to power soon” (“Sultan Kelantan kembali berkuasa tidak lama lagi”) though we at the Kelantan Insider still wonder where did this “soon” (“tidak lama lagi”) come from.

But, come on, “Step down, acting ruler told”, “Step down, says Ku Li”, “Acting Kelantan Sultan ‘must relinquish post to his father’” (“Berundur, Pemangku Raja diberitahu”, “Berundur, kata Ku Li”, “Pemangku Raja Kelantan mesti serah jawatan kepada ayahanda baginda”)?

Something just does not sound quite right in our ears.