Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Rulers Council cannot interfere in the affairs of Kelantan palace
(The Star, 8 Disember 2010)

PETALING JAYA: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is “wrong” in asking the Rulers Council and the federal authorities to intervene in the Kelantan palace crisis.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said ascension to the throne was outside the purview of the federal government or the courts.

“Succession and ascension are for the Kelantan royal family to decide. The Kelantan palace has its own succession council, which has made a decision,” said Nazri.

“They have proclaimed the new Sultan and the people have accepted the decision.

“Whatever the royal family decides, we will agree. We don’t interfere in this sort of issue. It’s not the right thing to do.”

Tengku Razaleigh had, at a press conference on Monday, urged the Rulers’ Council and the federal authorities to step in and resolve the royal issue because of its implications on royal succession in other states.

He had also touched on the legal implications over the proclamation of Sultan Muhammad V, who succeeded his ailing father Sultan Ismail Petra on Sept 13.

Tengku Razaleigh also stated his allegiance to the former Sultan during the press conference.

The Gua Musang MP, who is the maternal granduncle of Sultan Muhammad V, had called the press conference to respond to the revocation of two of his titles – the Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Dihormati (DK) and Darjah Kebesaran Mahkota Kelantan Yang Amat Mulia (SPMK) – by the Kelantan palace.

The palace had revoked the titles because of remarks attributed to Tengku Razaleigh in Sin Chew Daily on Sept 14.

He had allegedly said the Sultan’s father Sultan Ismail Petra was still alive and had not left the state for 12 months or abdicated and therefore his son’s appointment as the acting Sultan at the time was questionable.

Nazri claimed that the Rulers Council could not interfere in the affairs of the Kelantan palace because the royal families were independent of each other.

He cited the case of the Negri Sembilan succession, which went to Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir instead of the heir of the former Yang Di-Pertuan Besar. He said the federal government had accepted the decision without question.

“All I want to emphasise is that he (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah) is wrong in his opinion and that the federal government recognises Sultan Muhammad V.”

Meanwhile, palace sources said the Kelantan palace is seeking legal counsel on whether to bring contempt proceedings against Tengku Razaleigh.

It is also considering lodging a police report citing him for sedition.